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Cherry Nightstands

posted Feb 3, 2012, 4:14 AM by Michael Dekker   [ updated Mar 16, 2012, 6:21 AM ]
Cherry Nightstands
These cherry nightstands were built from 2002 – 2006

This pair of nightstands was taken from Woodsmith Magazine #76, however I modified the plans for height since the original was only 22” tall! I started the project while living at a house that had a double-car garage for my workshop (ah, it was nice to be spread out), but then I moved mid-project, then got married, and never picked it up again at the new house that only had a single-car garage and hence no real workshop. The project gathered dust, and I was actually ashamed that I had started it since it was always one of those projects that I considered a failure, never having finished it...

Cherry Nightstands
Of course, about 3 years later I decided enough was enough, and I finally finished the project in a flurry of activity!

And since having finished this project, I have bought a planer… I got tired of hand-planing the nightstand tops and I was dreading having to do the same to the dresser I wanted to make sometime in the future. I'll post a review of the planer I got later as well.

Cherry Nightstands
Wood: Cherry
Finish: Tung oil, then shellac, then wax
Hardware: handles are from Lee Valley Tools
Techniques: The only really interresting technique were the half-blind dovetails on the drawers… router cut

The first two photos show the finished nightstands from different angles, one showing off the dovetails. The last photo shows the top of one of the nightstands after getting a coat of wax. I had to dry these in my basement since it was too cold and humid (it was late fall), but overall the project was a great success and is still being put to good use today.