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posted Feb 3, 2012, 6:17 AM by Michael Dekker
You may have noticed the slow pace of updates recently... And there is a good reason!

First, I have added a new feature to the website: An events calendar! On this events calendar I plan to add links to all the woodworking events I can. I have many in my database, and I just need time to do some data entry and verification of the stats. I hope to have a more convenient way for event organizers to enter the data themselves, but that may have to wait a while...

Another task that I am working on is my vacation! Well, not much of a vacation, really. I am renovating my master bathroom - a complete gutting and re-installation. I am even removing the subfloor and installing new dual-layer OSB to suppress movement for some nice tile. I will also be installing the cabinets that I built, which I will be writing a series of articles on their construction in the coming months. That is something exciting that you have to look forward to. These are a combination of birch plywood and solid birch edging, with solid birch doors. They are not that difficult to build, however they do take a bit of an investment of time.

So that is all for today, and I look forward to posting some pictures of the finished bathroom, with the cabinets installed, over the next two weeks! And then I can get down to telling you how to make the cabinets for yourself.