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Finishing the Tiling

posted Feb 3, 2012, 9:11 AM by Michael Dekker   [ updated Mar 16, 2012, 6:14 AM ]
There you have it: The left and right side of the tub freshly grouted.

Front half of shower/tub area   Back half of tub/shower area

Elongated toilet bowl after installation
And of course, the toilet needs to be installed. In this case, we chose an American Standard Cadet 3 model with elongated bowl. This is a very nice toilet, even if all we do is treat it like crap :)

And next came the shower curtain rod. For this we chose a curved rod that offers more "room" inside the shower. When standing in the shower, there really does seem to be more room, much more than the gentle curve of the rod would appear to give.

The curved shower rod is also helpful because it keeps the curtain out of the way of the body jets. You have more room to move around. And finally, the shower curtain does not "drift away" from the tub's side, since the curve keeps a constant force against the curtain, keeping it properly in place and not against your body.

Curved shower curtain rod   Installed curved shower curtain rod

The next steps are to install the shower hardware, then painting, then the birch cabinets that were made! More on the cabinets in a future post.