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Local Cost of Wood

posted Feb 3, 2012, 10:24 AM by Michael Dekker   [ updated Mar 16, 2012, 6:15 AM ]

People often ask how much wood costs in someone else's neck of the woods. Well, I hail from near Ottawa, Ontario, the capital of Canada, and though it is hardly a Mecca for woodworkers, it does have some benefits, namely the region's abundance of local maple!

For some prices, I walked through two of my local wood suppliers and noted some prices for some of their domestic and exotic lumber. There is not particular rhyme or reason for the species listed here, other than they caught my eye as I wandered the stacks.

Note that all prices are in Canadian dollars.

At WoodSource, a full-service lumber mill located just a couple kilometres out of town, they stock commercial quantities of most woods, and have a showroom with exotic and shorts (under 6'). You can walk in and browse the showroom selection, but if you have specific requirements, it's more worth your while to stop by the front desk since most of their common lumber is in their warehouse out back.

Species Dimension Price ($ Can)
(bf = board foot,
ea = each)
Maple, Big Leaf $22.00 bf
Maple, Bird's Eye 4/4 $7.00 bf
Maple bat blanks (hard) 3"x3"x3' $20.00 ea
Basswood $5.70 bf
Jatoba $8.90 bf
Mahogany, African 2"x24"x2' $60.80 ea
Mahogany, Genuine 2"x9"x50" (9bf) $145.00 ea
Wenge 1"x6"x3'6" $42.00 ea
Zebrano 1"x6"x4' $52.00 ea
Gabon ebony 2"x3"x3'(? didn't have tape) $150.00 ea

At KJP Select Hardwoods, a more retail-oriented shop with limited milling capabilities on-site, they have a warehouse in a commercial district within the city proper. One entire section is devoted to lumber display, with the other devoted mostly to milling.

Species Dimension Price ($ Can)
(bf = board foot,
ea = each)
Walnut 6/4 $6.80 bf
Sapele 10/4 $13.25 bf
Basswood 6/4 to 8/4 and 10/4 $5.95 bf and $7.05 bf
Rosewood, East Indian $27.50 bf
Makore 4/4 and 8/4 $12.00 bf and $12.90 bf

Now one thing I should mention about all these prices is that they will always vary with time. Just like currency, they will fluctuate and change as the value of woods and dollars change. Always remember that wood that is local to you will be available for a much lower price than wood that has to travel half the world to reach your workshop!

I would really like to know what some of you are paying for similar woods in YOUR neck of the woods, so do leave a comment on this one!

Originally posted Wednesday, April 01, 2009 8:11 AM